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☆ Character Information
Name: Dr. Albert W. Wily
Canon: Mega Man Cartoon
Canon point: Post-series

Setting Info: Wiki Entry
The show's entry on MMKB

The setting for what we see in Megaman is basically modern day America with sentient humanoid robots. And the year is 200X. The robots don't really seem to be seen as second-class citizens, and are mostly used to help mankind. It's generally very easy to distinguish robots from humans, so there's no real worry about humanity being infiltrated by robots. Most robots are created to serve specific functions and their form reflects that. However, no one has ever been able to answer the question of why a lumberjack robot looks like a chicken and was given bombs to do his job.

History: (A lot of Dr. Wily's early life is headcanon, as Dr. Wily has maybe two throwaway lines about his childhood in the show. Most of the rest of his dialogue is about destroying Megaman.)

Dr. Albert W. Wily (or just Albert as his family and very few friends called him) was the son of a Green Beret. He was born in an army base in Germany when his father was on assignment, but considering how often they moved, he he didn't really consider himself to have much of a hometown. His mother left young Albert when he was a year old, and rather than taking him with her, as a lot of women do when they leave their husbands, she left him with his father. Neither of them ever saw her again.

Growing up, Albert was a brilliant, if strange child. Since they never settled down, he never really got to make friends with anyone. His father did his best with Albert, though he didn't know what to make of his son, who had a bad habit of tinkering with household appliances. Usually he would just smile nervously, and tell Albert not to burn down the house.

It was after almost burning the house down for the first time that Albert built his first robot. This was a modified toaster, that he named Pepi. At first, Pepi was just a cross between a toaster and a radio who was programmed to cook (do so with a minimum of house fires), but over time, Albert made him much much more complex. He has stayed with Albert for a very long time, eventually becoming the closest thing Dr. Wily has to a support unit.

When Albert went to college, he finally got to settle down in one place for a significant amount of time. Here was where he met (and became friends with) Thomas Light. They were roommates in college, and both of them had a near obsessive interest in robotics. They quickly became best friends. They started working on projects together through college, masters, and doctorate levels, and since both men were fairly brilliant, the studies didn't take as long as they otherwise would. It wasn't until after they both had achieved Doctorates in robotics that they began a very special project: work on a humanoid robot.

This research was being funded by the United States government. They wanted a weapon. While Drs. Light and Wily argued over the ethics of this, government funding was government funding, and they set to work on building the prototype. The problem ultimately came when the prototype was turned on, and started wrecking the lab. Dr. Light, in what was perhaps the ultimate betrayal, blamed Albert, saying that it must be a problem with the guidance programming and that since Albert had personally worked on that, the whole mess was clearly his fault. Therefore, the whole project would have to be scrapped, and they would have to start over from scratch. Albert, who was hurt, betrayed, and (understandably) more than a little pissed off, took the prototype and left, ending their partnership.

What happened next is that people think that Albert went a little crazy. He headed out west, and took up residence in Skull Fortress, a massive castle somewhere in desert (though it might be in Arizona, Dr. Wily never really bothered to figure out what state it was in), using the money his father left him. He set about finishing the protoype, naming him Protoman. When he heard that Dr. Light had finished two new Robots, Rock and Roll, he went to try to kidnap them. It was on this same adventure that he also reprogrammed Ice Man, Guts Man, and Cut Man, three other robots that he had worked on with Dr. Light, into his henchmen. He succeeded in kidnapping Rock and Roll in the hopes of reprogramming them, but they escaped. Rock went on to become Megaman, which would be a source of frustration, and thwarting Dr. Wily's plans.

It was a beginning. Over the next few years, Dr. Wily, Protoman, Cut Man, and Guts Man (along with many other Robot Masters, but Cut Man and Guts Man were the ones that Dr. Wily had the schematic memorized for) would try insane plans such as trying to take over the city, or the world, or the old standby, destroying Megaman, only to be stopped by Megaman in the end. It was fun even if it was crazy, and got Dr. Wily branded as a stereotypical "mad scientist."

Personality: Dr. Wily is essentially a 90's Saturday Morning Cartoon Villain. Which if you're familiar with most Saturday morning cartoons, you know that means he's not much of a villain at all. Despite his quest to "destroy Megaman" he's like a dog chasing a car. He honestly wouldn't know what to do if he actually accomplished it. Over the years, Dr. Wily's attempts at "taking over the world" and "destroying Megaman" have shifted to more mundane things like "stealing Christmas" and "silly train heists." And while he will never admit it, most of his crazy Christmas stealing, train heisting, Megaman destroying activities are basically ways to bond with his robot kids.

Protoman is like the son Dr. Wily never had. He cares about him a lot, even though he will never admit it. Protoman is Dr. Wily's right hand man, and is often the reason his plans have any chance, however slim, of succeeding. He cares about Guts Man and Cut Man too, or he wouldn't rebuild them as often as he does. (Honestly, at this point, Dr. Wily tends to view those two Robot Masters as his kids too, if only for the sheer amount of time he's put into rebuilding them.)

There is also the matter of his relationship with Dr. Light. Dr. Wily is still bitter about the fact that Dr. Light was a major asshole and betrayed him the way he did. They have worked together once or twice since then, but usually when a much bigger threat was involved. Dr. Wily doesn't really like to talk about those times, because it's not like anything ever changes, and it isn't like Dr. Light ever stops being a colossal jerk afterwards. (Don't even remind him of the thing with the lions, all right? That was dumb.)

Dr. Wily has a bad habit of working on crazy plans. He doesn't listen to anyone, even when there's a high likelihood that the plan won't work. He's pretty eccentric and stubborn. He also has a very bad habit of holding grudges, even over small things. And while he cares about his robot kids, feelings are hard to talk about. Bonding over explosions is much easier, okay? (Not to mention it's way more fun!)

Doctor Wily likes Science! He also likes coffee, danish, and anything robotics related. On a surprising note, he also loves Christmas. It might have something to do with all the shiny objects. He tends to always have tools of some variety on him, and tends to fiddle with things constantly. Or making little goony-bot robots in his spare time.

Abilities/Weaknesses: Dr. Wily is a genius and/or mad scientist depending on who you listen to. He has several doctorate degrees (in robotics, engineering, building design, and blowing stuff up, and he swears the last one is legitimate), and he got them all rather quickly, and at a rather young age, all things considered. He can build (or rebuild) robots quickly. He can do the same with buildings, and other machinery like tanks, or the Skulker for example. He's very good with building and reparing machines, and is hands down one of the top three roboticists on the planet (with Dr. Light and Dr. Cossack being the other two.)

Dr. Wily does have a "support unit" of a sort. His toaster, Pepi. Who at least as sentient as a dog at this point. Pepi has fully working voice synthesizer software, but chooses to communicate entirely in songs. Pepi has evolved quite a bit from being Dr. Wily's first robot. Now instead of just being a toaster crossed with a radio, Pepi has music downloading software, which constantly upgrades itself, manipulator arms, and a laser canon. As well as being plated in mettaur armor. So... Pepi is now pretty much a sentient robot-toaster that plays music. How sentient... well not even Dr. Wily is completely sure, but he's glad to have Pepi around.

Although not afraid of fighting, Dr. Wily isn't the one to go out and don the battle armor. He's not a young man anymore, after all. He usually leaves that to Protoman and the Robot Masters. But if any ridiculous people (like those damn upstarts from the government) try to come bother him, he does have the arsenal to get rid of them and he's not afraid to use it. He also has a rather large arsenal of tanks/guns/hovercrafts, with either the Dr. W (for Wily!) logo or a giant skull on them. Or Both.

But When you come right down to it? Dr. Wily is just a crazy old man. He's not a fighter. He's not a medical doctor. He would suck in a fist fight. Not to mention that he's extremely eccentric, and he doesn't listen to much of anyone when he has his mind set on a project; not even the people closest to him. He also won't have any of his arsenal of toys with him, since none of that is Soulbound. He won't even have Pepi, which is frustrating, since Pepi is the only robot that does what he is programmed to do.

RP sample: You can either write a post (at least 200 words) or link to threads of your character in action. Threads from dear_mun, dear_player, testrun_box, or the test drive memes on our OOC community are all good. Linking threads from a previous game is fine for a CRAU character, but if someone's coming in fresh from canon point try to link something showing that.


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